Exhibitor Registration 2024

 If exhibitor products and services do not meet these standards, CCTCA has the right to not accept an exhibitor registration.

CCTC2024 will require a two step process:

1.  Complete a registration form.

Please complete the registration form.  Ensure you do describe your product and service fully.  Each application will be reviewed and approved by CCTCA based on the product and services offered.  CCTCA is looking for products and services which will support education, teacher wellness and curriculum.  If exhibitor products and services do not meet these standards, CCTCA has the right to not accept an exhibitor application.

An 'approval email' will be sent to the contact email sited on the registration form.  The 'approval email' opens the purchasing module and approved exhibitors are able to log into www.cctca.com to review and purchase a booth.  There is ONE fee for all booths purchased.

2. Select and purchase your booth.

Once your application is approved, your organization will receive an email sent to the contact person sited on the application.  At that time your organization is able to log in to www.cctca.com.Use the user name and password submitted in the application process to select and purchase your booth.  

NOTE TO READER:  CCTCA does not retain user names and password from previous purchases.

Very Weak

Describe the sorts of information/services/products that you will provide at your booth.  This information will be visible to teachers through the website so please write in complete sentences and check your grammar and spelling.  


By typing "YES" in the box below, you (the "exhibitor") accept full responsibility and acknowledge the following:

1. CCTC2023 is an in-person convention.  There is a virtual exhibitor option, if the client does select this option.

2.  Calgary City Teachers' Convention Association (CCTCA) does retain the right to select and approval all exhibitor booths.  The completion of the application DOES NOT give the applicant the right to exhibit until approval is give and fees are paid in full.

2.  My organization will maintain professionalism at all times in accordance with ATA professional conduct.

3.  All information collected will be retained in a confidential manner and not be sold for profit, or shared outside of my organization. 

The exhibitor acknowledges that the Calgary City Teachers' Convention Association's booth policies have been read and understood.   

The Calgary City Teachers’ Convention Association reserves the right to cancel booth registrations and refund exhibitors at it's discretion.